The Empire's Suez Crisis


Mar 19, 2018 - Stupid Assassins?

If Russian leaders wanted the KGB/FSB/GRU/SVR to kill that old spy in London, they’d done it while the man was in Russia in their custody. He would have never left prison alive back in 2010. If for some reason they decided to kill him years later in London, they would not use a dangerous nerve agent that must be smuggled into England, is easily traceable to Russia, is dangerous to the assassin, and difficult to employ and ensure a kill. The guy was living in the open with no security detail, so the Russians would do something simple, like pay a desperate drug addict to club him on the head on the street and steal his wallet. The lack of a formal homicide investigation and the hysterics by British gangsters proves they killed him.

Mar 12, 2018 - NAVROC

After pondering the best way to protect Navy ships from sudden threats, I wrote this short article:

NAVROC - instant firepower

Mar 11, 2018 - Pentagon Propaganda

Few Americans know that this years' 13% increase in Pentagon spending is greater than Russia's entire annual military budget. Both political parties overwhelmingly supported this unneeded increase, which is more than big spender Trump requested. Jimmy Dore produced a great video that explains this since American media refuses to report real facts.

Americans are already paying for Trump's spending spree, which was strongly supported by most Republicans in Congress. Interest rates are rising and inflation increases as the dollar falls and imported items cost more. This inflation is not reported because the US government does not include increases in costs of imported goods in official inflation figures.

Mar 4, 2018 - CNN's Imperial Propaganda

Most Americans don't know anything about the Black Sea because it means nothing in their daily struggles. It is roughly equivalent to the Gulf of Mexico for the USA. As an example of American warmongering and aggression, our Navy insists on sending destroyers and spy aircraft into the Black Sea to sail along the Russian coast to agitate the Russian military. 

The Russians could send aircraft and ships into the Gulf of Mexico. They could sail near Houston as a show of force. Would this upset Americans and agitate the US military. Might American military aircraft fly close by to observe and possibly harass the annoying Russians? You don't get this insight from corporate media like CNN. Watch this short broadcast about evil Russians reacting to American military aircraft threatening their borders.

President Trump, tighten the leash on your Admirals! Tell them to stay out of the Black Sea because there is no reason for American military forces to operate there. They are just looking for trouble to get in the way of and increase tensions.

Mar 3, 2018 - Judicial Tyranny 

This blog covers the growing arrogance of federal judges. Here is a recent example:

No one has a constitutional right to enlist in the US military. The US military refuses to enlist people for lots of reasons: excessive debt, too old, too short, history of drug abuse, poor fitness, criminal record, asthma, poor test scores, too many tattoos, minor disability, poor vision, obesity ect. Our military refused to recognized special rights for transgenders to serve in the US military for centuries. They weren't banned as our corporate media suggests, they just weren't allowed to attempt to change sexes while serving our nation. Congress had always allowed our military to decide such things, but in 2016 President Obama intervened and ordered special privileges for transgenders despite opposition by the vast majority of servicemen, mostly because of issues like uniforms, restroom use, and communal showering. 

Last year, our new President Trump disagreed and revoked the special privileges Obama created, so once again transgenders had to follow the same rules as other servicemen. However, unelected U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly somehow overruled President Trump, and spineless Secretary of Defense Mattis decided she was his boss so immediately complied. Our Supreme Court, Congress, nor the corporate media objected to this flagrant tyranny. If Congress wanted Obama's idea to become law, they could act, but did not, yet federal judges now routinely enact laws over the objection of the elected President.

Feb 25, 2018 - Propaganda Constructs

An easy way to spot a propagandist appearing on American "news" is the word "regime." Syria is ruled by a powerful President who may take advice from Parliament, just like most other Arab nations. President Assad is popular among Syrians based on polls and the 2014 election. However, propagandists in American media refuse to call him President Assad, and refer to the UN recognized Syrian government as a "regime".  

Another clue to a propaganda broadcast is showing footage of the "White Helmets". This is a group established several years ago by American/British intelligence funding to produce propaganda demonizing the government of Syria. We are told they are a humanitarian/rescue group, but Syrians only see them on Western TV, or winning an Academy Award for their acting, although it was for a "documentary" that was pure propaganda promoted by Israel/Hollywood. Watch this great short video clip where an independent reporter exposes the White Helmets. She also revealed that the "Syrian Observatory", often quoted as a solid source about civilian casualties in Syria, consists of one man in England with a internet connection. A longer expose of the White Helmets was recently produced by the Corbett ReportThe White Helmets are a Propaganda Construct

Feb 22, 2018 - Laser Weapons Fraud

I wrote about fraudulent laser weapon programs three times in my blog last year. This info is now consolidated and expanded at one link for easy reference. Post this link as a comment in articles promoting lasers as future weapons and watch the industry floggers attack with childish insults while idiots insist that more spending can overcome all problems.

Laser Weapon Scams - bogus future weapons

Feb 20, 2018 - Chinese Landlords

My Dec 26, 2017 blog post addressed the issue of foreigners buying homes in California and driving up prices beyond the reach of the working class. Will most Americans end up paying rent to foreign landlords? Why is this allowed in our so-called democracy, which could simply prohibit foreign ownership of single family homes? This problem is not limited to the USA. Watch these excellent videos of problems caused after Chinese citizens bought thousands of homes in Vancouver and New Zealand. Many of these homes remain empty since they were purchased only as an investment, or rarely used as vacation homes, while local workers live with their parents since home prices are too high.

Feb 19, 2018 - Missile Defense Fraud

I'm thinking about a webpage devoted to fraudulent military weapons programs, like lasers and rail guns. In my Feb 7th blog I again mentioned the biggest scam, the new electromagnetic launch system on the USS Ford. Most people do not understand this issue and assert the launch system will be fixed soon. They don't' understand that the launch system never worked, so it can't be fixed. It remains an experimental system under development that was installed on a new aircraft carrier. It might suddenly become reliable this year after two decades of development, or never!

The second biggest scam is spending billions of dollars to develop and deploy small Navy SM-3s for national and regional missile defense. It has now become acceptable to assert that the SM-3 can shoot down Intermediate (IRBM) and Inter-continental (ICBM) ballistic missiles. Nearly everyone assumes this can occur while the missile arcs overhead, but even the latest SM-3 IIA lacks half the range to hit one. Experts know this, but always backtrack when pressed and mumble about engaging during the launch or terminal phase. 

The same could be said of shoulder-fired RPGs. One could fire a $50 rocket at a launching ICBM from 200 meters away and "shoot it down." One could fire a $50 rocket at an ICBM just before it strikes the ground 200 meters and may "shoot it down." Likewise, an SM-3 should be able to hit an ICBM soon after launch if within 50 miles, and may be able to hit an ICBM just before it hits if within 50 miles. Small SM-3s cannot provide broad missile defense coverage simply because they cannot reach bigger high-flying missiles.

Most people are unaware of this deception and assume the SM-3 is a useful national defense missile that can shoot down missiles arcing 300 to 500 miles overhead, but it can only reach 150 miles high, so tests are always much lower. A recent example of this deception was a January 31, 2018 test where an SM-3 IIA attempted to hit an "intermediate-range" target called the Naval Strike Missile. This missile has a range of just 115 miles, and is a turbojet sub-sonic cruise missile that can't fly more than 10 miles high!

This $130 million test was promoted as showing the latest SM-3 IIA can shoot down IRBMs, but this non-ballistic target was a cruise missile flying less than 10 miles high, not 300 miles high, and it still missed! No excuse was provided, but the last test also missed and was explained by a ridiculous excuse. Admirals claim the missile was accidentally destroyed because their $130 million tests are not conducted by experts, but by lowly enlisted men and one pushed the wrong button.

In addition, the Navy just fielded the new SM-6 missile to shoot down cruise missiles, so why did it spend $130 million for this bogus test? Probably to score another easy successful shoot-down of a slower short range missile  to support additional purchases of SM-3s by pretending they can shoot down IRBMs and ICBMs. Meanwhile, the Navy has been touting successes of the SM-6 as missile defense progress, even though it cannot hit targets more than 20 miles high since it uses fins for steering control that do not work outside the atmosphere.

Feb 18, 2018 - Devolution

If you notice our society devolving, you are not alone. The educated, smart, and successful are too busy to have children while the stupid and lazy have little else but their family. This is a major reason income inequality is growing, while civility is decreasing. The comedy movie "Idiocracy" was made about this problem. The movie is average, but the opening three minutes provides this brilliant explanation of a growing human disaster. 

Feb 17, 2018 - Life in a Police State

School principals are respected members of their community. Most earned a masters degree and spent a least a decade in the classroom dealing with children and their parents. Governments often pass laws with little input or thought. The State of Texas enacted a stricter law to protect children, but is difficult to interpret in certain cases and at least two school principals quietly refused to cooperate on one occasion.

When the local police learned of this, they didn't complain to the school board. They didn't demand the principals be demoted or even fired. No, they slapped on the cuffs, threw them in jail, and posted their mug shot for all to see. I know most Texans are appalled at this behavior that terrorizes teachers and results in shortages. However, many Texans do not object since they've been brainwashed by decades of police state propaganda as this brilliant article explains.

Feb 12, 2018 - Outing Truthout

The webzines Truthout and HuffPo once had interesting material and insightful comments. A few years ago they were taken over by Soros-istic social justice editors consisting of naive idiots who push the one-world/open borders agenda funded by billionaires. They began to post articles to support this covert revolution by the ultra-wealthy only to see their readers destroy the articles in following comments. The solution was simple, NO MORE COMMENT section, which resulted in fewer readers.  

I still like to read the trash they advocate, like this recent article promoting the benefits of open borders, and labeling anyone who worries about the resulting disaster for American workers a racist. The corrupt Democratic Party is part of this movement and has been pushing for a third amnesty for illegal aliens along with many corrupt Republicans, even though the first two made the problem much worse. President Trump actually agreed to their DACA amnesty demand, but insisted on steps to deal with the problem by increasing border security and ending mindless visa programs that floods the USA with millions of low-skilled, elderly, and disabled foreigners each year. 

I don't agree with Trump's concession, but it caused an outrage, among Democrats! It is now obvious the Democrats use DACA as a tear jerker for another amnesty and have no desire to end the flood of unwanted and unneeded immigrants. The problem of mass immigration is best seen in California, which is falling apart after billionaires took over the state government. They are looting the state and live in nice gated communities along the coast while the rest of the state spirals downward and hard-working middle class workers flee, as this brilliant video explains.

Feb 7, 2018 - The First Attack on Pearl Harbor

Most educated Americans know the attack on Pearl Harbor was no surprise, as documented in books like "Day of Deceit" whose author discusses in this video. Some "historians" claim that one reason the attack was a surprise was that no one considered the possibility that carrier aircraft could attack Pearl Harbor. However, in February 1932 a naval war game was conducted where a fleet was to attack Pearl Harbor. The attacking fleet left its battleships and cruisers behind at San Diego and conducted a surprise aerial attack using two aircraft carriers on Sunday morning February 7, 1932. This simulated attack achieved complete surprise and was widely reported in newspapers. It was dismissed by career Admirals as a gimmick, but not by the Japanese who copied this attack in 1941 and succeeded only because the White House ordered intelligence withheld from Pearl Harbor commanders.

After years of peacetime service, our Admirals are equally incompetent today. In 2012, I wrote an article about the foolishness of homeporting US Navy ships at Sasebo, Japan, which would be sunk in an hour should war occur with China, but no one cares. Another example is the new supercarrier USS Ford that was commissioned last year, yet cannot deploy because it was built with experimental launch and recovery systems that lack reliability, as documented in the January 2018 DOTE report. (big pdf file) This was documented each year for the past decade, yet the Ford was built anyway and there are three more of these dysfunctional $13 billion supercarriers under construction!    

Feb 4, 2018 - Immigration Hurts Black Lives

Mass immigration hurts Black Americans more than any other group. Millions of foreigners arrive each year who mostly take unskilled jobs so drive down wages. They drive up rents, crowd inner city schools, and overwhelm social services to include free health care. Mass immigration does more to hurt black lives than anything else, yet our corrupt black "leaders" cheer immigration since their corporate masters demand obedience. Corporate media mocks Black Americans who object, keeping most quiet and confused, even though the negative effects of mass immigration are seen every day. Therefore, I was pleased to see this brilliant video by someone who is not fooled.

Jan 29, 2018 - Israel's "Safe Zone" is Creeping Farther into Syria

This is the title of a new article in The Intercept, detailing Israel's slow expansion into Syria by bribing and bullying. The US media refuses to cover this story, even though Israel openly announced plans for a 25 mile (40km) "security zone" into Syria last November. 

Syria's Golan Heights were annexed by Israel many years ago and thousands of Israeli "settlers" now live there. Chaos in Syria allowed Israel to expand its border to Phase 1 two years ago, and the Phase 2 expansion is almost complete, guarded by Druze mercenary "border guards" backed by Israeli artillery and airpower. Reaching the 40km line may result in a direct confrontation with the Syrian Army, but Israel desires to reclaim even more Biblical land. This explains why "Assad Must Go" and why US troops and their Kurd proxy soldiers invaded eastern Syria. 

Jan 28, 2018 - White House Leaks or Wiretaps?

Every few weeks, there is another embarrassing White House "leak" that makes front page news in the New York Times, the Deep State's main propaganda outlet. Since it was recently revealed that the Deep State directed the FBI to wiretap the Trump Presidential campaign, it seems this continues. They had months of open White House access to install wiretaps before the Trump team arrived.

These powerful Deep State insiders will do anything to hide secrets and avoid prison for treason. This may sound outrageous, but keep in mind that the Deep State wiretapped the White House as they plotted to oust President Nixon, which they did eventually via the Watergate Hoax/Coup using their secondary propaganda outlet, The Washington Post.

Jan 25, 2018 - Federal Gangsters

For years, insiders warned that high level parts of our Federal government were controlled by treasonous gangsters who ignore laws. Hard proof has now emerged that is so shocking members of Congress demand action. High level FBI agents conspired with the Clinton campaign to invent "Russian collusion" evidence and used that to obtain warrants to spy on Republicans, then misused them to spy on the Trump campaign! This treason is the biggest news story of the decade but is ignored by our corrupt corporate media, with the exception of Fox News. Here is a great summary from a "left wing" website.

Jan 24, 2018 - The Secret Plan to Partition of Syria

This blog has detailed Israel's Yinon plan to dominate the Middle East, which has been underway the past two decades. One objective is the destruction of Syria into another failed state, allowing Israel to reclaim more Biblical land. This effort was backed by the wealthy Saudis and Gulf States who dislike Syria's Shiite alliance with Iran. The US/Israeli/Saudi Axis of Evil shipped billions of dollars in weapons from Eastern Europe to Syria, recruited tens of thousands of Jihadists throughout the Muslim world, paid and trained them to "liberate" Syria, and labeled them Syrian Democratic Forces. Some of these groups went rogue, set up local criminal mini-states, refused to advance, so were labeled "ISIS" enemies.

However, the Syrian Army proved tough so this "civil war" did not go well. It was thought that a huge American bombing campaign to destroy the Syrian government and its army could do the trick, but the American public and Congress were not ready for another war. The "Weapons of Mass Destruction" threat was spun, but Syria quickly defused it by agreeing to allow American contractors to destroy its chemical stockpiles, thus eliminating a major worry for Israel. Yet even after this, the "gassed his own people" ruse was tried twice! This mostly failed, then frustrated Jihadists began fighting among themselves and abusing civilians causing more complications. 

The solution was to promise Turkey part of the prize. The 1922 French colonial map is pictured above, and provides a rough idea of this secret agreement. Turkey would reclaim its old Aleppo province while Israel reclaimed the two southern provinces, both to be called "security zones" that would be eventually absorbed. To speed this process and limit bloodshed, Assad and his Alawite officer army would be allowed to withdraw to their coastal homeland province as the result of a Geneva "peace" conference that American Neocons are demanding.

Syria was carved out of Turkey's old Ottoman empire by the French in 1918. The British and French had seized vast oil fields from the defeated Ottoman Empire after World War I. The French quickly built a pipeline to pump oil from fields in Eastern Syria to ships in the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey has always demanded a return of these oil fields. 

To assist with this partition plan, Turkey opened its borders to supplies for the Jihadists and organized its own militias to reclaim northern Syria. Turkish military units moved across the border and set up advance bases "to thwart terrorists" and Turkey began publishing its new map with borders expanded into Syria and Iraq over two years ago. All this oil wealth would allow Turkey to reemerge as the major military power in the Middle East.

All was going well until the Russians showed up. Syria had formally requested UN member assistance to repel foreign aggression, and Russia and Iran responded as required by the UN Charter. This was a big surprise and resulted in a rapid reversal on the battlefield. The Russians infuriated Turkey by bombing "rebel" oil tankers that were openly hauling stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil to Turkey, and a Turkish General ordered the shoot down of a Russian fighter. 

Turkey and much of Europe rely on oil and natural gas pipelines that flow through Turkey. The Russians let Turkey know their Syrian conquest would not be allowed, and any further provocations would result in the destruction of these pipelines just outside Turkey's borders. Turkey told the Axis of Evil that it would do no more so long as the Russians remained in Syria. The Axis of Evil promised to protect Turkey and ordered it to resume pushing forces southward. Turkey refused because the partition plan had become a bloody mess that caused over three million refugees to flood Turkey and it was not worth risking nuclear war. This displeased the Axis of Evil, which implemented another contingency plan; a military coup in Turkey! However, the Russians learned of the plan and tipped off the Turkish President.

As a result, another plan was devised. Israel would expand its covert Druze militias in Southern Syria and provide occasional air support. American troops would illegally move into Eastern Syria to contain the advancing Syrian army and build up a Kurdish Army to continue the fight. In return, the Axis of Evil would support Kurdish dreams of a large nation that included most of northern Syria. This infuriated the Turks, so they recently cut a deal with the Russians. They will now crush the Kurds, and this attack started this week.

We have some 4000 American troops scattered around Eastern Syria for no sane reason, surrounded by a million Syrian/Turk/Russian/Iranian/Iraqi soldiers who don’t want them there. The American allied Turks disobeyed Neocon orders and began invading Syria to crush the American backed Kurds who are invading Syria. This is like one of those old British colonial movies where good soldiers are left to die at desolate outposts. America's NATO allies do not support this illegal plan for conquest, and it may result in a "Suez Crisis" explained in the first blog post of this year. American troops may be forced to retreat from Syria and even Iraq, whose Shiite government feels threatened by the Kurds and is allied with Iran and now Turkey.

Jan 21, 2018 - Bring Back LSTs!

Here is the latest addition to my on-line book about future warfare: Landing Ship Assault

Jan 20, 2018 - Can The Best Help Us?

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators, which are used to rank countries into four tiers of human development. A country scores higher HDI when the lifespan is higher, the education level is higher, and the GDP per capita is higher. The HDI was developed by Pakistani economist, Mahbub ul Haq, for the UNDP. In recent years that were measured, the top nation was:

2017: Norway
2015: Norway
2014: Norway
2013: Norway
2011: Norway
2010: Norway
2009: Norway
2008: Iceland

President Trump suggested that Americans (ranked #10) would benefit by favoring immigrants from the #1 ranked nation. Who could object to this reasoning?

Jan 15, 2018 - Las Vegas Shooting Case Not Closed

The odd events surrounding the October 1st mass shooting in Las Vegas have been detailed in this blog. The FBI complied with a media lawsuit and released its related records last Friday, and this was reported by most of the corporate media. However, that was just spin to hide the true story. The Las Vegas Police are the lead investigating agency and still refuse to release its records in defiance of state law. This story is only followed by a local television station that just revealed:

“Despite the death of Stephen Paddock, there remains an active criminal investigation,” writes LVMPD’s private attorney, Jackie Nichols. The response also states that ongoing privacy is necessary “during the pre-indictment stage of an investigation,” without saying if an indictment is pending.

This seems like a valid excuse if it results in further arrests, but since the corporate media has been ordered to ignore these developments, I suspect this "investigation" will continue for decades as an excuse to hide the truth

Jan 14, 2018 - Everyone Loves Oprah

I don't always agree with Jimmy Dore, but he does a great job exposing American propaganda. In this short video, he explains that everyone loves Oprah because she never criticizes corporate America, the empire, or established institutions. Oprah is always positive with a message that hope and hard work is the solution to all our problems. She's a motivational speaker with no real message.

In another recent video, Dore presented hard evidence of vote fraud perpetuated by the Democratic establishment, and no one cares. The corporate media refuses to cover this story and even Republican leaders refuse to comment or act on this blatant misconduct. 

Jan 13, 2018 - Extraterrestrial Gods

There are two main Western viewpoints about the origins of mankind: Creationism and Evolution. Creationism is based on ancient stories that sometimes make little sense. The Bible is not even based on written history! It consists of stories passed down verbally through many generations before it was finally written down. Even then, stories were edited or deleted during the seven Catholic ecumenical councils, while stories were altered when translated through several languages: Aramaic, Greek, Latin, and Middle English. Even today, this official "word of God" is interpreted many ways.

Evolution became the scientific alternative a century ago, yet it fails to explain many things. Why do zebras and tigers have such perfect, pretty stripes? We are told they just evolved to give them camouflage, but black and white is bad for open grasslands. We are told the giraffe grew its neck absurdly long to eat tree leaves, and somehow has beautiful patches instead of stripes. Did giraffes use meditation to grow their necks longer, or did a bored ET have fun altering its DNA? If most birds evolved dark feathers as camouflage to hide from predators, why does the Toucan have colors that only an ET artist could create with DNA manipulation?

As a result, a better explanation has gained popularity -- "Intelligent Design" or Extraterrestrialism -- God was an ET! There are lots of Internet sites about "Intelligent Design" but nearly all mock the idea since it challenges creationism and evolution. Lots of people hate to discuss the origins of man when their core beliefs are based on faith rather than logic. 

It is not irrational to think that superior beings arrived on earth and tweaked DNA or inbred with primitive humans to produce smarter workers to perform the support tasks they needed. It is obvious that ET artists changed the DNA of many forms of flora and fauna for pleasure. If you find this shocking, watch this video about the Sumerian Civilization, who quickly "evolved" from hunter-gatherers to builders of cities with art.

Jan 12, 2018 - My Bit on Invisible Coins

As I've blogged before, Bitcoin doesn't exist except in the minds of many who pretend it has value, like old baseball cards and the US dollar. But the dollar is backed by the US Government, whereas Bitcoin is backed by mysterious confidence in its value, something a confidence man (con man) exploits. Since Bitcoin is mostly used for money laundering and tax evasion, I expected the Feds to stomp it out over a year ago.

That never occurred, and I was shocked when the Feds allowed Bitcoin to be traded in official exchanges. The Feds even forced the insured futures (gambling) exchanges to trade them. This is extra crazy since "coin" speculators can now easily borrow billions more to fund their gambling. Now there are several other non-existent coins appearing on the market and we are told smart people can quickly get rich with annual returns exceeding 1000%. Bankrupt Kodak just announced that it will join this "blockchain" craze and its stock doubled in value in one day!

This is a proven "get rich quick scheme" that most prefer than getting rich slowly through hard work. You can roll the dice with these coins just like any casino crap game, and you might get rich! Sports book gambling websites are now promoting the use of Bitcoin. Even the secret NSA/CIA seems to be involved in this scam. This allows them to fund operations and augment their bank accounts without Congressional approval. I'm not sure how this ends. 

Some think it's a conspiracy to replace government money with corporate credit. Disposing of the banking cartel seems impossible, so this is probably a traditional Wall Street "pump and dump" scheme. They make absurd profits by luring investment funds, pension funds, foreigners, and basic investors to bet on high-return "investments" like Bitcoin. Once the maximum number of fools have "invested", a trillion dollars of non-existent coins will become worthless within a week due to "market forces" or hacking. 

Jan 7, 2018 - Rogue US Policemen Execute Citizens

ABC News will air a new documentary about the federal slaughter of innocent citizens near Waco, Texas in 1993. They should air the award winning 1997 documentary that can be watched on youtube: Waco: Rules of Engagement. The producer of this documentary is certain that ABC will re-release government propaganda. The truth is that arrogant and incompetent ATF leaders got some of their agents killed. As a result, arrogant and incompetent FBI agents killed dozens of innocent civilians. If you find this shocking, watch both documentaries to understand what really happened, and how corporate media covers up this story.

Gestapo attitudes have since become common as friendly media routinely ignores outrageous police execution incidents that occur weekly. For example, this week corporate media widely reported a "swatting" incident. An angry on-line gamer sought revenge by paying some idiot to call 911 and pretend to be a crazy killer holding hostages. Local police were given the wrong address so a heavily armed SWAT team surrounded the house of an innocent man. 

They shouted POLICE! and ordered him to come out with his hands up. A confused man complies, which showed this "highly trained" SWAT team that he was not a crazy gunman holding hostages. The poor guy was irritated and confused as different policemen shouted for him to show his hands, so he turns around, but he dropped his hands. He had no gun and no jacket to hide one. The police were far away and not in danger. Suddenly, BOOM, a hidden cop with a rifle shot him in the head! The police insist this sniper acted properly, and corporate news refused to play video of this execution. Skip the first video that is just audio of the 911 call; watch the second to see true swatting.

At the very least, that uniformed killer should be fired because Kansas taxpayers must now pay this victim's family a million or so dollars in compensation. The police will never admit to a mistake, but never want that video to appear in a civil lawsuit or on the news. Move on, nothing to see here.

Jan 6, 2018 - Covert Foreign Gifts

Recent news reported how the Israeli Air Force upgraded nine discarded US Air National Guard F-15Ds into frontline fighters. This implies that incompetent and wasteful US Air Force officers scrapped excellent fighters and donated them for spare parts, but the brilliant and innovative Israelis rebuilt them. Since the Air National Guard is short hundreds of fighter aircraft, this was extra stupid, except the story is false.

The CIA and other agencies use this technique to covertly provide arms to foreign nations. They have friends in the Pentagon (often covert CIA officers) declare useful equipment surplus or inoperable. Then they have that retired equipment donated or sold cheaply as scrap to those they wish to help. So in reality, a Deep State mole used a paperwork game to give nine excellent fighter aircraft worth some $400 million to Israel without formal approval from Congress or US Air Force Generals.

Jan 4, 2018 - Amazon Lockers

If you worry about having your Amazon packages stolen, use their new lockers. They are free to use and you simply select a location as a delivery option, which for most is less than a mile away in front of a grocery store. Its an ATM type computer and a wall of metal lockers. When the package is delivered they e-mail you a code and you have three days to pick it up. You simply enter your code and a door opens and you get your stuff. I used it twice with no problems.

Jan 2, 2018 - Las Vegas Shooting Stat

Many have doubts about the odd mass shooting in Las Vegas. The official story didn't make sense and changed several times until the Sheriff announced that no more news conferences would be held. We are told that a crazed lone gunman sprayed automatic rifle fire at a crowd several hundred yards away. The cause of each of the 58 deaths was recently released. One explanation is difficult to accept:

"Jennifer Parks, a 36-year-old kindergarten teacher from Palmdale, California, died from multiple gunshot wounds to the head."

Gun folks know that while firing on full-auto, the gun barrel is kicking around and it would be difficult to hit someone in the head more than once from 100 yards away even if aiming. It's possible, but unbelievable, that she was hit in the head three or more times by random bullets from different bursts of fire from hundreds of yards away by someone who couldn't even see her. Those bullets were hitting several feet apart in a three football field size area, so I can't even imagine how Mrs. Parks was hit multiple times in the head.

Now that the County Coroner's office has finished those 58 cases perhaps it can release its findings on the alleged gunman. The Sheriff had immediately assured everyone that he died of suicide via a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. County Coroner John Fudenberg said an autopsy was quickly completed on the 64-year-old Paddock, but a finding on a cause and manner of his death is not expected for several months. Paddock's head was then shipped to California for "study" and outside Nevada court jurisdiction presiding over related civil lawsuits.

Jan 1, 2018 - The Suez Crisis

The "Suez Crisis" is considered the official end of the British empire. The British were weakened by idiotic World War I that led to bloody World War II. At the end of that war, the British were bankrupt but needed to deal with rebellious colonies. The British still had 45,000 troops in Egypt in 1956 and exerted its traditional imperial solution to a problem - attack! American President Eisenhower and his bankers refused to lend yet more money to an arrogant, overextended and dying empire. This led to a British financial crisis and a controlled collapse of the British Empire.

Warmongering neocons have run American foreign policy for two decades and threaten war everywhere. Should the near bankrupt USA find itself in a pointless war and request assistance from allies, they may refuse and dump dollars instead. This may result in a military defeat along with a financial collapse and domestic political unrest signaling the end of the American empire. 


Carlton Meyer

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