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Jan 16, 2017 - NFL Star Murdered by the US Army

While some speculate that the Deep State might murder Trump, I came across an article of mine from 2008 that shows how they dispose of threats as their allies in Congress and the corporate media help cover-up their crime. In this case, the truth was uncovered and made its way into a few news reports, but it was ignored by the rest of the media, editorials failed to express outrage, TV commentators knew to avoid the topic, while most Congressmen stuck their heads in the sand.

NFL Star Murdered by the US Army

Pat Tillman was a handsome American football star who enlisted in the U.S. Army after the 9-11 terror attacks to fight terrorists. He was assigned to an elite U.S. Army ranger unit and rose to the grade of corporal. He was killed while on patrol in Afghanistan and hailed as a national hero by President Bush.

After unofficial reports from fellow rangers made their way to Tillman’s family, the Army admitted that Tillman was killed by “friendly fire” from fellow soldiers. Army generals claimed his death was a typical accident of war during a major firefight with the Taliban. Tillman’s family had doubts since the Army never explained why all Tillman’s personal effects and gear were burned immediately after his death. The family learned that the Army had not performed an investigation into his death, which is required whenever a soldier dies from an accident.

The Army conducted an investigation after the Tillman family complained, but refused to release details. The Army recently complied with a Freedom of Information Act request from the Associated Press concerning Tillman’s death. These documents revealed that no Afghans were in the area when Tillman was killed. No one else was killed or injured, and no government equipment damaged. Army doctors thought Tillman had been murdered since he died from three bullet holes to the forehead, which was inconsistent with the explanation of the incident given by ranger officers. The doctors estimated the shooter would have to be less than 10 yards from Tillman when he fired those three rounds.

This new information revealed that Army generals refused to conduct the required investigation, so belligerent Army doctors took the unusual step of bypassing the chain-of-command and contacting Army generals in the USA to complain. They were rebuffed, and an investigation only occurred because some of Tillman’s ranger comrades provided details to his family.

There are other facts to consider not found in these Army documents. A rifle barrel moves when fired as the bullet exists, and the human body jerks from the impact of a bullet. Shooting Tillman three times in the forehead with an “accidental” burst of automatic rifle fire is nearly impossible. The shooter had to fire, aim, fire, aim, and fire to hit him neatly in the forehead with three shots.

It is obvious that Pat Tillman was murdered, something his mother has openly declared. Perhaps he was personally disliked by a ranger in his unit. Given that Tillman had become a vocal critic of the invasion of Iraq and frequently called President Bush a war criminal, it is not unthinkable that a fanatical ranger decided to kill this dissident. Tillman was scheduled to return to the USA soon and meet with prominent anti-war activist, MIT Professor Noam Chomsky. A famous anti-war former ranger touring the USA would devastate the Bush administration and the U.S. Army, so his death was fortunate for some.

Americans find this controversy fascinating, as Internet chatter reveals. Fox News fills hours of airtime with detailed investigations of missing teenagers and murders of obscure housewives. Certainly, the murder of a football star by a fellow ranger is newsworthy, and would draw large numbers of viewers, yet the supposedly ratings hungry “news” organizations declared this murder unfit to print.

Jan 15, 2017 - Unethical Government Office

The Office of Government Ethics was created a few years back to provide advice to federal employees about conflicts of interests. It has expanded that role into demands to vet federal nominees, and openly demanded more time to dig up dirt on Trump nominees. It is headed by an Obama nominee who boldly leaks confidential information to the press and sends public tweets attacking Trump and demanding that he does certain things.

But Trump is not even a federal employee yet! Even when he becomes one, this obscure office should not act as a political machine and make public announcements and tweets! Their role is to offer advice, not to pass judgment. Who ordered these obvious political attacks?

Jan 14, 2017 - Real News About Chinese Hacking

The fake news media and congressional hysteria about Russia is the most ridiculous spectacle I've seen in years. Congress is holding McCarthyest hearings and demanding that Trump appointees proclaim they hate communism Russia. They were delighted when Trump appointees agreed, but they need to please these mad warmongers to be approved, so must lie if necessary. No one remembers that on June 25, 2015, ABC News reported:

   China Is 'Leading Suspect' in Massive Hack of US Government Networks

The nation’s top intelligence official said today what other U.S. officials have so far been unwilling to say publicly: China is “the leading suspect” in the massive theft of sensitive U.S. government records. Speaking at a forum in Washington, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned of the danger posed by a capable adversary like the Chinese government.

“You have to kind of salute the Chinese for what they did,” Clapper said.

At least 18 million people -- and potentially tens of millions more around the world, including relatives, friends and associates of those who had background checks conducted by the U.S. government -- may have had their personal information stolen when hackers broke into the systems of the Office of Personnel Management, authorities have said.

Why isn't Clapper now saluting the Russians? Is it because they are only accused of hacking a private server and providing non-classified information to Wikileaks, which has openly stated they did not get this information from Russia? Wikileaks said their information was not the result of hacking, but by tricking the imbecile in charge of the Clinton campaign to send them his google password.

Jan 10, 2017 - F-35C Defect Ignored in 2011

Our Navy recently admitted that its new F-35C fighter aircraft has a major defect that will take years and millions of dollars to correct, then millions more to modify the dozens already produced. When the aircraft is launched from a catapult, it rattles up and down leaving the pilot shaken. The Navy announced that recent tests convinced leaders the problem is serious and must be fixed.

The Navy discovered this problem in 2011 during the very first F-35C catapult launch at its Lakehurst test center. If our corrupt Admirals admitted the problem back then, before dozens of F-35Cs were produced, the program would have been delayed and possibly cancelled. The proof is on youtube, provided by the Navy. Watch the aircraft shake upon launch!

Jan 9, 2017 - Laser Scams

As technological innovations allow solid state lasers to grow in power, the laser weapon scammers have returned to defraud the Pentagon. They were ousted a decade ago after collecting billions of dollars to demonstrate nothing, but a new crop of officers are unaware of the limitations of lasers.

First, lasers are line-of-sight (direct fire) weapons and the earth is round. This means a laser cannot engage a low-flying incoming missile until detected coming over the horizon roughly 10 miles out. It takes several seconds for radar to track and lock onto to a subsonic missile and aim the laser, so it will have perhaps 30 seconds to shoot down the missile, and it requires several seconds of precise lasing to burn through. This means if a dozen missiles are inbound, the system may be able to shoot down only one. And since the planned systems are the size of a 5-inch gun mount and need most of the electrical power from the ship to fire, a cruiser or destroyer can carry just a couple of systems each.

Second, particles in the air reflect and distort laser beams, even on clear days. This limits their effective range to only a couple miles. This is a complex topic and several, short technical explanations can be read on the Internet, such as this article and this one from a US Navy research lab which states that even in clear weather:

"A number of physical processes affect and limit the amount of laser energy that can be delivered to a target. These effects are interrelated and include thermal blooming, turbulence, and molecular/aerosol absorption and scattering. These processes affect the laser intensity profile by modifying the refractive index of the air, which causes the laser beam wavefront to distort. Wavefront distortion results in enhanced transverse laser beam spreading, and can severely limit the amount of energy that can be propagated. The maritime environment is particularly challenging for high energy-laser (HEL) propagation because of its relatively high water vapor and aerosol content. In the infrared regime, water molecules and aerosols constitute the dominant source of absorption and scattering of laser energy, and represent a limitation for HELs propagating in a maritime atmosphere."

None of this is secret, yet one reads articles and comments on internet forums by "experts" and senior officers who seem unaware of this severe limitation. In addition, lasers are worthless in rain, fog, and haze since energy is quickly lost. Even if lasers are greatly improved with magical breakthroughs, an enemy can choose to attack during inclement weather when lasers are useless.

Third, ship radar systems are located 30 feet above the ocean surface while sea skimming missiles fly around ten feet above the surface. This means systems like Phalanx, which is used to target the current laser test system, must look down and attempt to pick out tiny missiles against ocean clutter produced by waves and white caps, while missiles fly head-on toward the ship with little radar reflection. This means radar may be unable to track missiles in mildly rough seas so cannot aim the laser. This is why these systems are only tested on clear days by having them shoot at a drone flying much higher.

Fourth, a cruising missile is always making slight flight adjustments to compensate for air turbulence while tracking its moving ship target, so a laser is likely to miss due to the tracking/firing delay. To make matters worse, ships and aircraft move! They vibrate and bounce up and down. Computer software can try to predict these movements and compensate, but not perfectly, and cannot predict the slight movements of the incoming missile.

Finally, lasers do not destroy upon contact but require several seconds of EXACT lasing to burn through. Here is a video of a recent ship test. Note the weather is clear and the slow flying plastic drone is high in the sky. This exposes its large delta wing area for laser heating. Nevertheless, it takes ten seconds of laser contact to cause a fire. An inbound sea skimming missile presents a far smaller target, and if lasers proliferate, missile makers will introduce shiny stainless steel nose cones to reflect most laser light. They may also program the missile to fly a tight spiral path to the ship the last mile to evade countermeasures, like the Russian Kornet anti-tank missile. Lasers look great in tests when the target and laser are close by and both are motionless on the ground, but when both are bouncing around, accuracy is non-existent.

Lasers can blind optical systems and pilots (as the Brits did in the Falklands) so small lasers may be useful in that role. A far better idea is to mount active protective systems used by some armored vehicles. These are much smaller and cheaper than big laser systems. They could only cause missiles to detonate outside the ship before impact and this would still result in damage as the momentum (kinetic energy) from the missile fragments penetrate unarmored ships. Yet that is all a large ultra-expensive laser can accomplish since they cannot hope to detonate an incoming missile until after several seconds of precise lasing proves possible as it nears a ship. 

I dismissed the value of lasers in my book, but didn't explain, so I added these details since few people are aware that laser weapons have limitations that cannot be overcome by making them more powerful.

Jan 8, 2017 - The First Lady is a Queen?

I never understood why a top priority for President Obama was transsexual acceptance, forcing our military and our public restroom guardians to accept whoever claims they are female. He shoved this down America’s throat during an election year despite vast opposition by the public. Our media ignored local controversies of transsexuals winning female sports events and college athletic scholarships for females. And if a solider is failing fitness and obesity tests and faces discharge, can he play the transgender card and pass the lower female standard?

If you google around, there are lots of  articles and videos claiming that Michelle Obama is a transsexual. One might assume that with our 24/7 news channels that lust of sensational stories, one might mention this, but it is taboo, even if Joan Rivers says its true. There is no hard proof, but enough is on youtube and the net to consider the claim plausible.

Jan 7, 2017 - Praise Our Oppressors!

The presidential transition insanity continues as “liberal” Senator Chuck Schumer (D-Israel) suggested that the Intelligence agencies will “get back” at President Trump for planning to downsize and reorganize them. He says all Americans should praise their secret, unconstitutional, and inhuman efforts. The few remaining true progressives/liberals in America must have gagged at his comments. JFK was the last President who threatened to downsize these organizations, and failed because of a sudden health problem in Dallas. 

Jan 3, 2017 - Our Generals Failed in Afghanistan

This great, short article explains why our military failed in Afghanistan, which it sums up in one sentence: "We stuck with a policy that rotated leaders through the country like tourists." 

Our military has been propping up an American puppet dictator/president there since it invaded over 15 years ago, with no end in sight. The justification is that because of 9-11 our military must remain to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a training ground for terrorists like Osama Bin Laden. But as this blog has detailed, OBL had nothing to do with 9-11 and none of the alleged hijackers were Afghan nor had trained there. The FBI only claimed that OBL "inspired" the attack but never accused him of even conspiracy in the 9-11 attack. In addition, there are a dozen other failed states serving as breeding grounds for terrorists, yet our military doesn't spend billions of dollars each year trying to rule them with bullets and bombs aimed by military tourists.

Jan 1, 2017 - President Trump's Failures?

This is the oddest presidential transition in memory. In the past, it was considered decent to wait until the first 100 days passed before criticizing the performance of a new president. Outgoing Presidents showed class as they quietly departed, but the Obama team is starting fires. Republican traitors Senators McCain and Graham openly conspire to sabotage Trump's plans. Groups have filed varied lawsuits and ethics complaints against Trump before he even takes office. Others plan protests and boycotts to disrupt whatever Trump will do. 


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