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Not all is going smoothly in this new colony. The Iraqis are nationalistic and resistant to domination. Ethnic tensions have arisen as many starving Iraqis collaborate with the foreign invaders. The car bomb tactic is difficult to counter. Protecting hundreds of miles of oil pipelines and Iraqi's long borders is manpower intensive, and the US military is having trouble training Iraqis to obey their orders. The most serious problem is that daily American casualities deter enlistments to serve the empire.


Most Americans now know the original justifcations for invading Iraq were outright lies. There were no weapons of mass destruction, Iraq was not involved in terrorism, the Iraqi military was no threat to anyone. After a laughable series "we were fooled" excuses, the occupation of Iraq was justified in order to "get Saddam" then to altered to "democracy". Saddam was caught a year ago and a puppet government was installed after dubious elections, yet the pledge to begin withdrawal of US troops was phony.

It was laughable when began to examine reasons for Iraqi resistance. They discovered that the Iraqis refused to give up their personal guns, and didn't like it when Americans kicked down their doors, pointed guns and threw everyone to the ground while the searched homes. The US government had been doing this to US citizens for a couple decades with few complaints. Various human rights organizations have critized the United States for running the most brutal prisons in the Western world, yet few Americans complained. The United States has the highest percentage of its citizen locked behind bars in the world, ten times more than other developed countries, and several times more than other totalitarian regiems like Cuba, China, and North Korea.

Most American are ignorant of these facts, and bristle at the suggestion that they now live in a totalitarian nation. One need only read about the Jose Padilla case to recognize that constituional protections no longer exist. Government agents can seize your property with no proof other than claiming you are involved in "terorrism." There is no real judicial review, since the Bush adminstration has set new precedents of openly refusing to abide by ruling from Federal judges.

If any American is under the delusion they live in a free nation, just try walking down a busy street in a major city while drinking a beer. You will soon find yourself confronted by a policemen threating to arrest you and demanding to see your ID. If you try to explain you are not drunk, not bothering anyone, and exclaim that you live in a free nation, you may find yourself behind bars, especially if you fail to produce your "papers." If you don't like to drink beer, try to "bear arms" by walking down the street with a rifle slung innocently over your shoulder. This are local examples of the totatliarism which now rules American society which is reflected in the brazen conquest of Iraq.

The totalitaran movement in the United States arose just prior to the Spanish American war as wealthy Americans discovered the value of the press in duping working Americans. It has slowly gained strength, especially among the upper class, and those from the middle class paid handsomely to join their movement. In 1943, when tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini ruled, Karl Popper wrote a book describing the characteristics of totalitarian thinking entitled, "The Open Society and Its Enemies." He summarized the totalitarian theory of morality as "good is what is in the interest of my group; or my tribe; or my state." This was alien to the open American society values of freedom, justice, and equality.

The totalitiarian movement has now taken all key positions in the United States government and explains why so many politicians and American Generals continue to state the invasion of Iraq was a good thing. They are not lying, deceitful, or just spinning reality; they really think the conquest was "good" because it was good for their group or organization. The fact that it was illegal according to numerous international laws and treaties, bad for the war on terror, and disasterous for the Iraqi people, American taxpayers, America's image, and tens of thousands of American soldiers is not an issue. It doesn't matter that it was immoral according to traditonal Christian teachings, it was good for them, so this war racket is a good thing.


trlye believe whatever President Bush tells them. This scary un-American group has grown over the past few decades refuses to face difficult challenges, as they prefer to live in a fastsy land war glow of corporate televison news. This group are devoted to outlets like Fox "news" which has learned that it is not profitable to report the truth, it is much better to report what their audieance would like to hear; all is well, relax -- just pay your taxes and all the burned, broken and stiff GI bodies returned home all died for "freedom." I'm not kidding, many American believe that, or they say that since the truth is too upsetting.


A book published last year, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, sheds much light on the frequent invasions of poor nations by the US military. It describes how huge multi-national corporations take control of nations through the World Bank and IMF. Leaders of target nations are corrupted by private "consultants" with bribes to accept huge loans for overpriced economic development projects constructed by major American contractors. These loans must be repaid with interest, so higher taxes or deep cuts in social services are required. If bribery fails or loans not repaid, elections are rigged, riots instigated, or a coup is organized by bribing lower level officials. If that fails, the jackals from the CIA arrive and leaders begin to die. If that proves impossible, they fall back on the traditional method of conquest and send in the Marines.

Another problem is that members of the US Special Forces are less naive, so many have left the military during this "war" to make big profits in the security contractor racket.








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