Anti-Armor Stun Weapons

      Small hand held "stun guns" now generate up to 625,000 volts from a basic 9-volt battery to knock a person unconscious upon contact.  What would happen to a mighty M1A2 tank if someone zapped it with one of these $50 devices for a few seconds?  Anyone want to try?

     Steel is very conductive, and modern tanks are packed with electronics, and people.  What about a baton size stun device which could be modified to deliver ten times more power.  Baton stun guns (below) already exist, but their power is limited for safety reasons.  

     Military uses for these weapons are obvious.  If a patrol needs to snatch a prisoner or take out a guard--ZAP.  Crowd control--ZAP.  The batons could probably ZAP someone inside a car or truck and kill the electronic engine.  But their value against heavy armor is what could really change the battlefield.  Grunts would not worry about getting overrun by tanks if they could pull out a stun baton and kill them.        

       A similar issue concerns stand-off tasers, which are common in police departments.  These use darts which can be fired 15 feet to stun someone.  What about  a larger system with 100 meter range?  What about a throwable stun baton.  A big problem is how to deliver the electrical energy in the millisecond the round hits the tank.   Here is an article about a similar weapon.

      Commercial firms have developed these amazing devices which are extremely cheap.  It may be simple for build far more powerful stun devices and find a way to make them into small projectiles.  Metal tanks and APCs would become obsolete.  Just like the Samurai warriors attempted to ban guns in Japan, tankers will try to ban this idea.  Imagine, a lowly peasant knocking out a 70-ton six million dollar M1A2 tank with a battery-powered "Star Wars" baton; ABSURD? 

                                                        Carlton Meyer