Is the US Navy Overrated?

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Online Resources

War losses: a list of US naval ship losses in World War II, compiled by the US Naval War College. A great site that describes the achievements of Canada’s last aircraft carrier. Well researched and thoroughly documented. Very professional in all respects. An excellent site maintained by Dutch submariners. It has extensive entries on Dutch successes against U.S .Navy carriers and some startling periscope photos as well.   A very authoritative site that features detailed information on the U.S. Navy, its ships, its bases, and its equipment. Maintained by John Pike.   The Dutch Aviation Society publishes very detailed information on world air forces on this Web site. Very professional and informative. Details of the Pakistani Air Force’s successes against the Indian and Israeli Air Forces are provided. This Web site provides detailed information on all the ace fighter pilots of World War I. See the interviews with Major Russell Prechtl and Major Gregory Stroud for more info on the F-16, and for comparisons of the USN and USAF flying programs. Information about the CANTASS system. Royal Navy Mine countermeasures. “Little Known Facts about the American Revolutionary War” The Imperial War Museum’s Web site on the RCN’s contribution to the Battle of the Atlantic Interview with Michael DiMercurio by Christy Tillery French Image of North Vietnamese postage stamp commemorating the sinking of USS Card Blue Angels Information. The wit and humor of the ages. Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms amended May 2005. Snowbirds Information. “U.S. Navy at War 1941-1945 (Official Reports by Fleet Admiral Ernest J King, U.S.N.)”


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Radio Interviews

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Interview with Thomas B. Allen on “Talk of the Nation” with Neal Conan on NPR, 1/8/2003. HighBeam Research (accessed September, 2004).

Telephone Interview

Interview with Captain Dean Knuth, US Naval Reserve (Retired), 10 March 2005.

E-mail Correspondence

E-mails from Captain Jan Nordenman, Royal Swedish Navy (Retired), Lieutenant Commander Aidan Talbott, RN, Dr. Andy Karam, Squadron Leader J. R. Sampson, RAAF (Retired), Lt. Col. David Evans, USMC (Retired), Jon Dougherty, and Colonel Everest Riccioni, USAF (Retired), Lt. Col. Pierre Rochefort, CF (Retired), Major Lew Ferris, CF (Retired) and Major Leif Wadelius, CF (Retired), and Lieutenant Commander Roland West, RCN (Retired), in 2004 and 2005.

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TV and VHS Reports and Documentaries

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Investigative Reports (with Bill Kurtis). “Out of the Gulf, Into the New Navy.” A & E Entertainment, 2000.

Discovery Channel Documentary. “Fleet Command.” December 1997.

Discovery Channel Documentary, “Building the Ultimate Submarine.” 2003.

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WABC TV, New York. “Investigators Uncover Serious Flaws in Security at U.S. Navy Bases.” October 24, 2000. The transcript for this investigative report can be viewed at:

Cran, William, and Loeterman, Ben (producers). Frontline Documentary (PBS). “Return of the Great White Fleet” May 14, 1984.

Periscope Shots of US Navy ships

The first two photos were supplied by Dr. Andy Karam.

This photo of a Ticonderoga-class cruiser was taken by Andy Karam on the USS Plunger.

This photo of a US carrier was taken by another sailor on USS Plunger.

Note: The additional links below are provided for illustrative purposes only, not to support any argument made in this paper. The author does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of these external sites.

USS Enterprise (Photo by German submarine)

USS Carl Vinson (Photo by Australian submarine)

USS America (Photo by Dutch Submarine)

USS Eisenhower (Photo by USS Billfish)

USS John F Kennedy

USS Saratoga and USS Midway

USS Saratoga

USS New Jersey (Photo by USS La Jolla)

USS Blue Ridge

Recommended Fiction

Hallan William H. “The Fourth Scenario,” and Dubois, Brendan. “Victory at Pearl Harbor” in Thomsen, Brian and Greenberg, Martin H. (eds). A Date Which Will Live in Infamy: An Anthology of Pearl Harbor Stories That Might Have Been (Nashville: Cumberland Press, 2001), pp. 175-224. In “The Fourth Scenario,” Hallan spins a yarn in which the entire US Pacific Fleet was at sea on December 7, 1941, the battle took place (and this time, the Japanese got the worst of it), but the Japanese also bombed the oil tanks at Pearl Harbor. In this counterfactual realm, an American admiral said “The Navy runs on oil. And now we don’t a drop of fuel west of San Diego. You understand? Not a drop of oil between San Diego and Tokyo. Without those oil tank farms, the U.S. Navy is out of the Pacific for at least six months or even a year. Maybe more. And that’s all the time the Japanese need to overrun all of Southeast Asia and pour into Australia while our fleet sits helpless in port waiting for the tank farms to be rebuilt. We may have to sue for peace… Because of the fourth scenario, we may have just won the battle and lost the war against Japan.”

In Dubois’ story, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor occurred just as it did in the history books, but the American carriers and other surviving ships pursued and confronted the Japanese after the attack. The results were horrendous for the Americans. “’We were so stupid and arrogant,’” said the veteran character telling the story. “‘We thought the mighty American white man, who hadn’t lost a war ever since the country was founded, was going to take on these funny Japanese guys… We forgot – most of us, at least – that they were veterans. They had been fighting in China and Manchuria and Korea…Hell, about forty years earlier, they had whacked the crap out of the Russians, destroying their naval fleet. They knew how to fight. And us? We knew how to polish brass. We knew how to conduct fire-control drills. We knew how to polish shoes. We were a goddamn peacetime navy, with officers who had never heard a shot fired in anger. And when we finally caught up to the task force, they turned on us, they turned on us hard. Like we had been chasing a pack of rapid dogs. Christ, how they fought…’”

Robinson, Patrick. Kilo Class (New York: HarperPaperbacks, 1998), pp. 508-512. Admiral Sir John Woodward was Robinson’s naval advisor, and his recount of the sinking of the fictional aircraft carrier USS Thomas Jefferson is worth remembering. See also Robinson, Patrick. Nimitz Class (New York: HarperTorch, 1998). Fiction to be sure, but still plausible and entertaining. This tome was endorsed by former US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral William J. Crowe, US Navy (Retired) and by Captain Richard Sharpe, Royal Navy (Retired), the Editor of Jane’s Fighting Ships.