Airmobile Hellfire

    The Swedes and Norwegians have developed a simple man-movable weapon consisting of a launcher to fire a single Hellfire missile.  Moving a 100lbs missile and 100lbs launcher is not an easy task, but they can be manhandled short distances with the use of wheeled carts or even casualty stretchers.  

Hellfire Shore Defence System  HSDS is operational within the Swedish and Norwegian Coastal Defence Forces.

     Airborne and Heliborne units could set up blocking positions in rough terrain to stop small numbers of tanks.  Commandos would no longer have to penetrate security perimeters to destroy key facilities, they could set up and fire a Hellfire to destroy a target several kilometers away.  This weapon could also be employed just a like a sniper rifle to destroy key personnel riding in vehicles.

      Even regular infantry would find them valuable in rugged terrain.  They could place these on key hilltops or rooftops by helicopter, or mules, and dominate roads in the area.   Helicopters, small boats, and scout vehicles would fall victim to hidden Hellfire sniper teams.  This future weapon exists today and should be part of all modern armies.

                                                    Carlton Meyer