British Aerospace has developed the most revolutionary infantry munition in decades, the LCPK 2.75 inch (70mm) laser-guided missile.  Thus far, they have only deemed this weapon worthy of multi-million dollar attack helos.  Since attack helos already have the powerful 100 lb laser guided Hellfire to use, a 24 lb Hydra is not appealing.  However, the lowly infantryman could use a 24 lb high-speed guided missile against light armor vehicles, helicopters, and evenLCPK Feature Illustration aircraft.  They could also damage tanks and hit targets at much longer ranges than today's slower shoulder-fired rockets.

      It should be simple to modify the common Bazooka design to fire 70mm Hydras.  If a target is not worth a $10,000 laser-guided LCPK, they can fire the large variety of cheap Hydra unguided rockets which are already in the inventory for use by attack helicopters.  A blast shield is needed to protect the gunner, or perhaps a four-pack missile launcher mounted on a tripod is better.  This weapon will end the use of "Infantry Fighting Vehicles".  Grunts must dismount before they get within 1000 meters of a Hydra equipped force lest they be shot like fish in a barrel.  Then they face Hydra M255 warheads which strike with 1180 60-grain hardened steel flechettes.  Hydra Bazookas are the infantryman's dream weapon, and worst nightmare.

                                   Carlton Meyer